Erik Aude


Erik Was born in Beverly Hills, California. He moved to the Antelope Valley at the age of 7 and was run over by a school bus at the age of 8. After making a full recovery by the age of 13, he went on to play 4 years of high school football for a Catholic school called Paraclete. Began acting in small independent movies and shows at the age of 12. Made appearances in numerous TV shows and movies and was really starting to make an impact on Hollywood until being arrested for unknowingly smuggling opium for a colleague of his. Would end up spending 3 years in Jail in Pakistan. 9 months of them on Death Row. Was proved innocent, and had his sentence reduced to time served. Has been acting and performing stunts ever since. (2011) Currently part-owner of 4 restaurants around Los Angeles called Big Wangs and playing poker professionally.


Movie Name Release Date
Being Charlie Movie Free Download 720p May 6, 2016